About epursol

Motivated by the rural challenges of his region, Mr. Benjamin Leblanc, owner of Épursol, has erected, in Chénéville, in the Petite-Nation, a water treatment and composting plant, allowing him to dispose of non-waste water and sludge. suitably treated from septic tanks within the meaning of the Environment Quality Act.

Thanks to its operation, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment with which its tanker trucks are equipped, Épursol has for several years offered the people of the Outaouais a septic tank emptying service, including wastewater and sludge are filtered cleanly, not just dumped, untreated, back into nature.

The environment at the heart of our priorities.


Concerned about the environment, Épursol is on the lookout for new trends in sustainable development. Moreover, its center, meeting the strictest criteria of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MDDELCC), is used to receive, compost and revalue fertilizing residual materials.

All of this reclaimed material reduces landfill costs and lowers greenhouse gas emissions, which can also be used to enrich the region‘s farmland.

Service de qualité

Épursol, a partner of choice for a healthy environment!

Residential and commercial, Épursol offers a full range of services and advice concerning your septic systems.

For quality service, call on our team of professionals.


Installation and repair of septic tanks


Installation of: pre-filters, extension, chimneys, alarms, lids



The full range of services offered by Épursol includes:

  • emptying residential and commercial septic tanks;
  • wastewater treatment and purification;
  • composting of residual and agrifood materials
  • Installation and repair of septic tanks
  • the installation of: Pre-filters, extension, chimneys, alarms, covers
  • Camera inspections
  • The rejuvenation of septic fields by air injection. (Give your septic field a second life!)
  • Cleaning your septic field; unlocking; icebreaking.
  • Sludge measurement
  • Technologist services

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