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Untreated water and sludge from septic tanks is a contaminant within the meaning of the Environment Quality Act and must be purified properly.
Motivated by this mission, Benjamin Leblanc, owner of Épursol, built in Chénéville, in the Petite-Nation, a brand new wastewater treatment and composting plant meeting the strictest criteria of the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MDDELCC).

Thanks to the exploitation of this one, Épursol and its tankers now offer the people of the Outaouais region a septic tank emptying service, whose sewage and septic sludge will be filtered cleanly, and not simply rejected without treatment in nature.

Epursol offers, besides the services of septic tank emptying, a complete range of services for all your needs concerning your septic installations

The complete range of services offered by épursol are:

  • the emptying of the residential and commercial septic tanks;
  • the treatment and purification of wastewater;
  • composting of residual materials and agri-food eligible
  • Installation and repair of septic tanks
  • installation of: Pre-filters – extension – chimneys – alarms – covers
  • Camera inspection
  • Rejuvenation of septic fields by the injection of ‘air.
    (Give a second life to your septic field!)
  • Cleaning your septic field; release; unfreezing.
  • Sludge measurement
  • Technologist services

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