Septic Tank Cleaning

Essential element

Emptying the septic tank is an essential element if your home is located in a borough far from the city.

If your home is not connected to a public sewer system, the wastewater flows into your septic tank. It is important to empty it and not to delay pumping as this could cause problems and become very expensive.

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Blocking the septic tank

To avoid any septic tank blockage, it is imminent to pay close attention to your septic tank. When you hear a small noise in your appliances or if there is a water flow, it is a sign that there is a blockage in your septic tank. You must react quickly to remedy the situation.

Recommendations for the septic tank

In order to increase the proper functioning of your tank, you must ensure that you reduce your water use. This means not letting the water run unnecessarily or not using the water in several places (shower and wash load). It is also advisable to use simple folded toilet paper. The use of environmentally friendly products is also a priority since chemicals can interfere with the proper functioning of the septic tank. In any case, avoid pouring any liquid, grease, coffee, oil or waste that could cause serious problems for your tank.

When to empty the septic tank

Emptying the septic tank is essential, but how many times a year should it be done? In fact, it is recommended that you do the treatment every 2 years if you use the water regularly. Do not hesitate to increase the frequency of oil changes when use is increased for an extended period, for example a chalet designed for 4 people which is used during part of the summer season by groups!

To reduce any risk regarding your septic tank or if you have any questions about the emptying procedure,